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Last month, our artist for the month of July Sylvester Aguddah held an exhibition at the Renaissance hotel in GRA Ikeja where we met up with him and he was so kind to answer some of our questions.

He shared with us some of his artwork and what inspires his love for art. Enjoy!

Q.What inspired your Love for art?

Ans. Right from when I was a child I loved colours and I wanted to do things with my hands. Making little creations of my own with water colours, coloured pencils and crayons. The comic books like Tin Tin and super hero comics challenged me. I started making my own little story books which I sold for a token far back in primary school. Playing with colourful construction toys eg Lego and building blocks were exciting and colourful.

Q. What is your style of artwork?

Ans. My major style of artwork is paper collage, and I have been doing this for about 24 years now. Is mix media and gives me the liberty as a self thought artist to try my hands on different mediums. I can mix pencil and collage, spray paint and collage,water colour and all other forms of paint. Sometimes with a mixture of graphical drawings or textiles. And am exploring more and new ways to improve my creativity.

Q. Can you tell us about your favorite piece among your artwork?

Ans. Hmmm do I really have a favourite? I love most of my works. However I am emotionally attached to creating the sea view with lots of Palm trees this is because it reminds me of my home town Badagry which is on the coastal lines of west Africa and my mother’s country Togo. I love blue and the colours of the sea is sweet and exciting.

Q. Who is your favorite international or local artist?

Ans. It very difficult to find Nigerian collage artists who work with paper. However I found one and her works are amazing. Her name is Njideka Akunyili Crosby. Her collage works are incredible and she is my favourite. I also love works of Arinze Stanley, Ken Nwadiogbu and Oresegun Olumide

Q. What is your artistic outlook on life?

Ans.  Art is Life, GOD is the master Artist. Art is our existence. Everything around us is art. It takes that God given eyes to see beyond the ordinary. Everyone is an art lover, even those who say they are not. Art is drawing, music,movies,designs etc I can go on and on. It just takes a little more attention to realise that we are all gifted and talented. It doesn’t matter your occupation we are all connected with one form of art

Q. People say that artist are lonely, what is your philosophy on this? 

Ans. Hahahahahaaa yes it seems like that. But in the real sense we are not, we want to mingle and from time to time we enjoy large crowns, family moments,friends and colleagues. We try to spend time alone because we occupied by thoughts of creativity. Our minds are very busy and the slightest distraction can take away a very good idea or concept. For those of us with families, we work better at night when everyone is at bed. Or go to a serene environment which brings the best of us and indeed makes us very productive. Is basically a mood thing.


Artworks by Sylvester Aguddah

Wakoki Goge

Mother and Child



Mask 1





Medium is Spray and acrylic on canvas

Medium is Mixed media

Kikazaru Iwazaru Mizaru

Sisi Eko


Praise Singer