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Golden Baobab Prize invites African writers and illustrators to submit entries for this year’s prize. The Prize celebrates African writers and illustrators of children’s stories. It awards them for their work. Winners and long-listed entrants have to provide a copy of their passports or comparable documents. There are no restrictions on age or race. While it offers no theme, set your stories in Africa or have a very evident African content.

The 2018 Golden Baobab Prize awards three categories. They include:

  • Picture books targeting readers age 4-8
  • Early chapter books targeting readers age 9-11
  • Best artwork/illustration intended for children ages 4-11

Golden Baobab awards the winners $5,000 USD. In addition, it also offers the winners publicity, publishing deal and networking. Writers get connected with publishers across Africa. While the finalist illustrators participate in exhibitions and workshops.

Golden Baobab Books Guidelines

Send in 500 and 1,500 words submissions. You can submit up to 3 stories and are eligible to enter the stories to more than one prize. Submit only unpublished manuscripts written in English, written only by you. As well, your manuscript should not violate any existing copyright.

Submit all entries as a Word document in .doc or .docx format. Golden Baobab does not accept PDFs. Email your entries as email attachments to submit@goldenbaobab.org. And write your contact information in the body of the email.

Save your document as the prize you are entering and the title of the story. Example: EarlyChapterBook_MysteryOfTheCarThief. Also, include a title page. Your title page should have the story’s title and the prize category. Important, do not include your name on the title page or any part of the document.

And for the illustration award, submit up to three (3) illustrations from your portfolio. For illustration guidelines, please check out the Golden Baobab illustration award page.

You must make your submissions under your legal name, as shown on your identification passport. But, you should include your pseudonym if you have no wish to be published under your legal name.

Source: Goldenbaobab.org