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The 8th Annual Yoruba Arts Festival is set to hold on the 15th – 16th of July 2017

The annual Yoruba Arts Festival is in its 8th year, the festival celebrates the rich and diverse arts and culture of one of Africa’s largest and oldest cultures in Nigeria.

The Yoruba people are one of the three largest ethnic groups of Nigerians, who are loosely linked around the world by geography, language, history and religion. They are a people of dynamic culture and traditions with one of the oldest and largest artistic traditions in Africa, spread across the world.

This years festival which will hold at the Clissold Park, N16 9HJ London, United Kingdom is set to feature cultural performances, arts and crafts, workshops, competitions, children’s activities, African Market, Traditional food and Live Bands showcasing the rich, vibrant and colorful arts and culture of the Yoruba’s.

So if you are spending your summer is London this year, this is one of the events to look out for. The festival promises a family friendly community event, that provides a social, educational and cultural platform for community cohesion and development through arts and cultural programs thereby making Yoruba Arts and Culture more accessible to a wider audience locally and worldwide

The annual festival is organised by the Yoruba Foundation, whose main objective is to promote Yoruba Arts and Culture through Arts and Cultural programs such as the annual Yoruba Arts Festival and its annual Arts Exhibition.

Source: Yorubaarts.org