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Africans have no chill, and since the advent of social media everyone has an opinion about how public figures should live or how not to live their lives as the case maybe.

Last week Saturday, Beyoncé Knowles popularly called queen Bey hosted a baby shower with her husband, Shawn Carter aka Jay-Z for the anticipated arrival of their twins.

The baby-shower was tagged ‘The Carter Push Party’ and it portrayed a rich African theme, from the costumes to the decorations, to music from traditional drums and also the melodious afro beat sound of Nigerian music legend, Fela Kuti.

In attendance, was the couple’s close friends and family such as Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, Serena Williams, La La Anthony and Bey’s mother, Tina Lawson.

Beyoncé was spotted wearing a maxi-skirt and head tie sewn from Ankara that proudly displayed her growing tummy which was painted on, showcasing more aesthetic reflection of the African theme.

Talk of Cultural Appropriation

As we entered into the new week, Africans began to flood social media with talk of cultural appropriation which is the adoption or use of the elements of one culture by members of another culture. People are of the opinion that Beyoncé’s portrayal of the African culture is audacious and exploitative.

Reactions on Social Media

South African rapper, AKA had this to say on social media, he also made reference to his rumoured off-on girlfriend referring to her as the only queen B he recognises;

Nigerians seemed to have a more positive reaction to the situation;


Supporting or Exploiting the African Culture

Do you think Beyoncé’s attraction to African inspired props are merely for publicity purposes? Or does the star truly have a genuine affection for Africanism? Let’s find out;

  1.  It should be recalled that Bey’s team reached out to Nigerian award winning author Chimamanda Adichie In 2016 for a collaboration in their shared view of feminism.
  2. In 2015, Beyoncé reached out to the Tofo Tofo dance group which consist of three Mozambican men, after she watched their Pantsula dance on YouTube. It took Bey’s team five months to locate the dancing trio who eventually taught Beyoncé the dance steps for her ‘Run the World (Girls)’ video which they also featured in. This accelerated there rise to fame and their native influence was rewarded when Beyoncé won the MTV Video Music Awards Best Choreographed Music Video as well as the Soul Train Music Awards Best Dance Performance in 2011.
  3.  In 2003, the Pop star was in South Africa to perform at the Nelson Mandela concert and she also visited Nigeria in 2006 as part of her Beyoncé Experience world tour where she sang the country’s national anthem in an outstanding performance that got Nigerians applauding.

Also, the pop star has been known to rock severally Ankara African pieces and her daughter Blue Ivy, has also been spotted with African inspired braided hair.

Does Beyoncé’s translation of the African culture have a positive impact on the continent or is it just exploited for fame?

Head to the comment section and let’s have your opinions.

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A post shared by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on